Versosurveys.co.uk is a money-saving, deal-finding, online and telephone based free-to-use service that offers UK consumers a wide range of exclusive offers and access to new products and promotions.

The prime objective is to give the power back to consumers by offering money saving options on carefully selected products ranging from Sky TV, Broadband, Household utilities to help make your monthly outgoings much lower making for a more comfortable lifestyle and allowing you to spend your hard earned money on the things you like.

Our web and telephone surveys also offer consumers the opportunity to claim back money they might be owed by lenders, banks or corporate businesses who overcharge and miss-sell to their customers. You could be owed £000’s of unpaid money from claims like Payment Protection Insurance or a Packaged Bank Account. You might even be owed money for a flight which has been delayed or a miss-sold investment or mortgage.

To date our friendly team has been responsible for over £30,000,000 worth of accepted claims for all of these products and we know there are many millions more which customers are unaware of. Our team have also helped save £5,000,000 overall on those household bills. If you want to save on your monthly spend and claim back money which you might not even know you are owed, to use on that holiday you have always wanted to go on, or a deposit for a dream car, or simply to spend on something exciting complete one of our quick and simple surveys today.

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